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My Invoicing : Softline Pastel's start-up Business invoicing software solution

Softline Pastel salutes the entrepreneurs who drive the growth of our economy. Start-up businesses for whom ‘Do It Yourself’ is usually a motto and a way of life, can experience the simplicity and convenience of having your accounting and invoicing all done for you!

Softline Pastel has developed My Invoicing specifically with start-up businesses in mind, so that the money going in and out of your business is automatically tracked. For many new businesses, small business and home based companies, it is about taking that first step towards the computerising of all your accounts. The benefit being that at a touch of a button you can receive an instant report as to the performance of your business.

With the My Invoicing accounting aoftware, you can manage cash flow, income, expenditure - all financial statements and items smoothly, confidentlym and not least of all - accurately

My Invoicing functionality and benefits include:

  • Creating invoices, customers and items.
  • Managing your customer invoices, payments, credit notes and printing of statements.
  • Reporting on the amounts outstanding per customer.
  • Reporting on which items you are selling the most.
  • E-mailing invoices and statements to your customer.
  • Keeping track of sales.

With My Invoicing, as you are an expert in your industry, so too can you become an expert of your business’ financial management, and free up what is most likely the most precious asset to you on your brave journey ahead: Time.