Proliant Communications

Offsite Data Backup/Recovery

Your data backup and recovery solution

With support for PC and Server backups, in-built support for common applications like Outlook, Exchange Server, SQL Server, SharePoinl & MySQL, and the ability to interoperate between various operating systems, StoreGrid can effectively power your Online Backup Services, however large ... or small!


Backup workstations & servers running Windows. Mac or linux

Your data is protected on a cloud base server farm, so no single point of failure, your backups are always save and secure.

You don't pay for client licenses, only pay for the data that is protected

  • Backup file servers & database servers: Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft SQL Server. MySQL SharePoint. etc
  • Backup mapped drives

Intuitive & advanced browser based HTMUAJAX user interface

  • With an Adobe Flex/AIR based rich client option

Block level incremental backups with options to configure multiple full backups

  • Ability to manually seed first backup and run incremental backups. thereafter
  • Extensive scheduling options including continuous backup
  • High performance compression achieves up to 95% compression
  • User configured (up to 448 bit) encryption key guarantees data privacy and facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Virtually unlimited versioning with advanced retention policies
  • Quick restore options with ability to restore any version of single file/ folder
  • Open file backup using Volume Shadow Copy Service (Windows)
  • Comprehensive reports & dashboards with email notification options
  • Easily handles large file backups with no limits on file size!
  • Bandwidth throttling
  • Synthetic full backups