Proliant Communications

Reliable Business Class Internet

Avoid the disappointments associated with cable theft and highly contended ADSL provider in South Africa.

  • Wireless access - Optical fiber distribution
  • Uncapped, Unshaped
  • Reliable Business Internet
  • Symmetrical throughput
  • Full duplex throughput (Tx and Rx at %mbps simultaneously)
  • Maximum contention ratio: 1 : 10
  • Statistical contention ratio: 1 : 4
  • Voice & Video quality assurance(QoS)
  • Installation fee: R4,299.00

5 Mbps @ R3,999.00 pm


10 Mbps @ R7,999.00 pm

Compared to normal consumer ADSL

consumer ADSL Business Internet
Contention Ratio*

1:50+ (capped accounts)

1:100+ (uncapped accounts)

1:1 Last Mile

1:10 Max (Internet Link)

Average 1:4

Limit uncapped with usage policy, normally shaped service as well
unlimited, unshaped, uncapped
cables Telkom cable to client premises No cable or Telkom required
Cable Theft complete downtime no effect
Monitor nothing 24/7 monitoring of line
Quality Best effort service
Voice and video quality guaranteed
Speed 4/10Mbps Max depends on Exchange
155Mbps Max depends on location
Throughput ** Upload and download speeds differ and NOT Symmetrical Full duplex throughput (Tx and Rx at %mbps simultaneously)
Static Dynamic IP address
Static IP address
Support Client must let Telkom know, no time frame
24/7 monitor of line with 4 hour SLA included
Available Only where Telkom exchange permit Can reach much more places in an around Pretoria, Johannesburg and Cape Town
Telkom needed
Yes Can run VoIP over the internet link, so there is no need for Telkom for your telephone lines(PBX) as well(cheaper call rates)
Price Cheaper More expensive than ADSL

* meaning the number of users share the same bandwidth
** upload and download speeds not simultaneously